Medical Transcription

Should you consider outsourcing?

Our experience has shown that when current in-house transcription and billing costs are fully burdened, to include the costs of recruiting, employing, training, coordination and management, real cost per line of transcription and per dollar of collection at least doubles. Besides reducing your actual annual spending for transcription and billing, outsourcing greatly reduces the burden of maintaining the staff.

  • We offer the full range of services required by a medical facility including transcription service.
  • Most competitive price.
  • Best quality of work.
  • HIPAA compliance. Maintenance of high security and confidentiality.
  • Client support and Service on 24/7/365 basis. We never close!!!!
  • Experienced with all the specialties
  • 256-bit Encryption Security
  • Free HL7 Interfacing
  • Turn-around-time that suits the requirement. The files are returned to the originator anytime between 4-24 hours depending on the specifications.
  • Highly accurate legible transcriptions that supports your risk management initiatives and reduces malpractice.
  • Convenient, flexible, and physician-friendly dictation facilities.
  • Nonobligatory, free trial service.
  • Supporting your march towards electronic hospital management and patient information management.
  • Highly experienced company, with more than 8 years of experience.
  • More than 800 satisfied clients all over USA.

Medical Transcription Services with Superior Technology:

  • HL7 Interfacing with any EMR software
  • Web-based storage, secure access from any computer
  • Edit, e-sign, and print transcriptions online
  • Play-back voice while editing the transcriptions online
  • Controlled access to online documents. Different levels of access to physician, secretory and staff.
  • Automatic Faxing / Printing / emailing of reviewed or e-signed transcriptions
  • 256-bit Encryption Security
  • View real time status of each dictation
  • Standard turn-around-time of next business day. Transcriptions are returned to the originator between 4-48 hours depending on the requirement of the client.
    • How can you try our medical transcription service?

      Send an e-mail to Otherwise send a fax to 248-479-2323. Immediately you will be allotted a specific customer id and the dial-n-dictate procedure will be sent to you by e-mail or fax.

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