Medical Back Office

Back office operations in a medical practice are essential to your bottom line – it’s where you are collecting and processing payments, handling billing inquiries, and managing late or default payment issues. Efficiency and effectiveness in the back office are paramount – you need to ensure you are collecting payment for services rendered.

In a recent MGMA study, the top concern of their members was “dealing with operating costs rising faster than revenues,” and collections in general was a “top issue.” (2008, MGMA Member Research on Key Challenges). Intuit Health has a way to address this issue with solutions designed to ease the collections process – for both the practice and the patient.

The Medical Billing back office solution set includes:

  • Online Bill Pay and Budget Payment Plans
  • Virtual Card Swiper
  • Ask a Biller

Value for the practice:

  • Reduce workload: decrease phone calls and increase productivity throughout the payment process
  • Significantly reduce costs: decrease costs for mailing statements and payment reminders; decrease cost of collection
  • Generate revenue: improve collections; get paid for service delivered
  • Deliver a more satisfying patient experience: offer flexible payment plans for large balances to make it easier for the patient and to ensure receivables by the practice
  • Gain a competitive edge: offer services that differentiate your practice
  • Offer services that differentiate your practice and gain a competitive edge

Value for the patient:

  • Convenience of self-service: provides an option to be online versus on hold; gives improved access to practice
  • Improved satisfaction: pay their bills quickly and easily; flexible and convenient payment plans can ease the burden of large bills
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